Who are we?

Here at Adventif we are dedicated to turn mountains and rural areas into an approachable destination for people who haven't got the necessary experience, knowledge and equipment. Our goal is to take you out of your comfort zone - if you are looking for a five-star hotel experience, please stop reading now - our Adventures are nothing like this.

We aim to remind people to appreciate little things in life as sometimes the little things mean the most - hot dinner after a 7-hour walk in the mountains, a cup of tea after climbing up the highest peak in Eastern Europe...a shower...a bed...everything that you take for granted in your everyday life means a lot more when you are up in the mountains.

Nikolay Nikolov - Founder and Managing Director of Adventif

Why Adventif?

Small Groups - Big Adventures

Our groups are usually between 6 and 12 people and we believe that small groups are better as you don’t feel like you are just a face in the crowd. You’ll get to know everybody, we’ll be one team up in the mountain sharing the same goal - usually this goal is 2500+ metres above sea level. You need good friends in the mountains, and that’s the purpose of small group adventures.

Our website is a mini social media page, you have got your own profile, a picture and information about yourself. If you are happy to fill your profile page, you can get to know you fellow adventurers before the Adventure! You can become friends on Facebook, for example, and get to know each other before meeting in the real world!

We love what we do

The best places, places that will stay in your memory till the rest of your life are, believe it or not, the ones that you can’t find on a map. You need someone to show you these places - and this is the feeling we love - showing you places hidden from the world, places that you can’t Google or find on Facebook.

Everyone behind Adventif knows everything about the Adventures, the destinations and the regions that we explore. Our mountain leaders know the mountains back to front, they can point you toward the hidden places that you can’t find on the map, you can’t search in the Internet.

We love every second of our Adventures, from the moment we meet you on our website, until the moment you are back home uploading pictures in your personal gallery. We love what we do.

You can choose an Adventure and make it your own

As a private group, you can select from our range of Adventures and choose your own dates that suits you best.

Also, our Adventures are very flexible - you really like one of our 5-day Adventures but can only go for a 3-day one - you don’t have to worry - contact us, we will make the necessary changes, suggest you different options and send you a quote. Or, maybe you really want to go to one of the Destinations on our website, but there is no Adventure including this destination available at the moment - contact us, so we can organise an Adventure for you.

If you choose one of our Adventures, your own dates and you are a group between 6 and 12 people, we will give you a discount as well.

This option is perfect for Team Building, Corporate Organisations, Family Adventures or Groups of Friends.

Contact us now at office@adventif.com or phone us on +44 7447 407 106.

We are always there for you!

If you are not sure which Adventure to choose, we are there to help - you can always e-mail us at office@adventif.com or if you wish to speak with us - we will return you a call

The moment you book your Adventure with us, we are there to support you. We will give you a telephone number that you can phone 24/7, a week before, during and a week after the Adventure. We believe that the most important thing when you go for an Adventure in a foreign country is having someone local on hand to help you at any time.

The moment you book an Adventure, if you opt in for our e-mail notifications, we will send you information about your Adventure, interesting facts about the places you are going to see, what to expect in the Mountains, training guides as well as information about the weather. Remember that we are always there for you.

Why Bulgaria?

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Frequently asked questions

What are the accommodation and general facilities like?

You need to know that the aim of the adventures is to push your limits - if you think that you are going to sleep in 5-star hotels with a jacuzzi waiting for you at the end of the day you will be disappointed - but believe me, the greatest luxury in life is being free.

The huts and guesthouses are comfortable and very cosy (and their location and views are breathtaking) - the details about the accommodation will be included in the Adventure details. Single supplement isn't provided but might be available at an extra cost.

The whole purpose of our adventures is to make you enjoy the little things in life, things that you normally take for granted in an ordinary day.

What about the food? What if I have special dietary requirements?

Normally breakfasts and dinners are provided (please check your Adventure details) If you have special requirements, this is not a problem if you let us know in advance. If you want you can bring your own food as well.

In addition, after leaving the airport, we can also stop at a local supermarket in case you want to buy something to keep up your energy throughout the adventure.

Do I carry my own luggage?

Yes, you do. However, as all the necessary equipment is provided, we will also provide you with a special multi-day backpack where you would need to fit all your necessary luggage - we will store everything else safely for you at our starting point and you can take it after the adventure - the backpacks are really big, so you should be able to fit everything that you would need during the adventure.

Please note that all the equipment provided is free of charge (you need to return it after the adventure, of course) - you don’t need to pay a deposit either - we want you to feel comfortable and not to worry about anything during your adventure.

Do I need insurance?

Please note that travel insurance is mandatory and NOT included in our Adventure price - Clients are wholly responsible for arranging their own insurance. We strongly recommend it covers cancellation, curtailment, personal liability and loss of luggage and personal effects. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance you purchase provides adequate cover. We do not check insurance policies and cannot be liable for any expenses incurred as a result of your not having adequate, appropriate or valid insurance cover.

We do provide you with a Mountain Insurance from a reputable Bulgarian Insurer in case of mountain emergency situations.

Please check our terms and conditions for more information.

How am I protected?

Our adventures are 100% guaranteed to happen - in case of bad weather conditions we still have alternative adventures.

Why there are no flight tickets included?

Adventif is not a tour operator, we are a company aiming at team-building and personal development through a range of adventures and games in unusual and very beautiful locations.

Therefore, you are responsible for making your flight arrangements and meeting with us at the airport. Our dedicated team can help you find the best and cheapest flight option at no extra cost.

Can I stay in Bulgaria after the adventure for a holiday, or can I arrive earlier?

Yes and yes. You can stay in the country after the adventure, however, you will be responsible to fully insure yourself for the period of time that you are planning to stay. Similarly, you can arrive earlier, but you would need to let us know where you are staying, so we can arrange your pick-up, and again, you would need to fully insure yourself for the period between your arrival and adventure.

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