• Why Bulgaria
  • Why Bulgaria
  • Why Bulgaria
  • Why Bulgaria

Why Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is one of the Balkans' most energetic and friendly nations in virtually every possible way. From its mystic mountains and golden coastline, to its rich history and ancient mythology - every second in Bulgaria can be exciting, every step can be different and lead to an unexpected pleasant surprise.

But why Bulgaria? There are other intriguing places around the World...

Easy and cheap to access

You might not be able to pinpoint Sofia on a map, however, flights to Bulgaria's capital are very cheap and there are numerous flight options from London, Birmingham Manchester, Edinburgh, Madrid, Paris, Cologne, Amsterdam, Rome and many, many other European cities. And it takes you 2-3 hours to get there.

Food is delicious

Bulgarian Food

Bulgarian cuisine is one of a kind, the traditional meals are delicious - the country is famous for its quality fruits, vegetables and dairy products, so they are essential part of most traditional dishes.

If you visit Bulgaria, you must try banitsa (pastry with cheese), kepabche and kuyfte (grilled minced meat), Shopska salad (the most popular salad in Bulgaria - diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and white cheese with parsley on top), musaka (potatoes, onions, carrots, minced meat and eggs, covered with the famous Bulgarian yoghurt) - delicious!

Not only the flights are cheap

If you check our adventures you will find out that not only the flights to Bulgaria are cheap - food and drinks, transport, accommodation, souvenirs, almost everything is cheaper than anywhere else in Europe, which allowed us to come up with reasonable prices for our Adventures too!

Nature is astonishing

Bulgarian Food

There's no need to go into any more details - just take a journey through our destinations and you'll see why Bulgaria is the perfect place to have a natural Adventure.

The People

Bulgarians are friendly and they are eager to make sure that visitors will experience the best of their culture. Bulgarians are very proud of their history and nature, and they all have some stories that you'll remember for a long time - especially mountaineers! Finding someone who speaks English is not a problem, so you don't have to worry about the language barrier too much.

Last but not least, when you visit Bulgaria everyone will ask you 'Why would you go to Bulgaria?!' - and you will have plenty of stories to tell...!